Wheelchair and Stretcher transports


Non-Emergency Transport Services

Dr. Appointments

Delayed or missed medical appointments can have serious implications on the health of a senior or a vulnerable individual.  If they need a ride to their medical visits, don’t hesitate to reach out to Merit Transit, LLC. 

Hospital and Facility Discharges

Give Merit Transit, LLC the schedule for discharge and we’ll be waiting to proved a safe and comfortable transport for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory needs.

Home to facility admissions

Merit Transit, LLC will provide safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation for facility admissions for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.

Surgical Appointments

If you or your loved one needs transportation to and from surgical appointments, Merit Transit, LLC can provide an on-time, safe, and comfortable transport.

Scheduled Ongoing/Repeat transports (dialysis, cancer treatment, etc)

If you or a loved one needs scheduled / repeated transportation for treatments such as dialysis, cancer, etc., Merit Transit, LLC will be there for the transport to and from the appointment.

Long distance transport to MUSC/Charleston and other areas

Merit Transit, LLC can provide transportation to several out-of-the-area faculties such as MUSC. To learn more about the areas we can serve, Contact Us for details.

Transports for residents of Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facility

Merit Transit, LLC can provide residents of Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing facilities transportation to and from visits to loved ones and specialized appointments. 

Hospice and Respite Transports

Merit Transit, LLC provides hospice and respite transports safely and comfortably for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. 

Wheelchair and Stretcher Specialized Transportation


Merit Transit, LLC can provide in-area shopping transportation for individuals and small groups. 

Family Events

Need a ride to a family event? Merit Transit, LLC can assist. We’ll provide transportation for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory situations. 

Community Events

Never miss out on community events with Merit Transit, LLC. We’ll get you there safely and on time. 

Holiday Events

For those special holiday events, Merit Transit, LLC can provide transportation to an from any location in our service area. For longer distance rides Contact Us for information. 

Non-medical Transportation

Transports for any purpose

Remember Merit Transit LLC for all your transportation needs. Whether we need to accommodate, wheelchairs, stretchers, walkers, or just provide an friendly helping hand, we’ll be there on time ready to assist. 

Service Area:

Horry, Georgetown, Marion, Dillon, and Williamsburg Counties

Long Distance from these counties to anywhere

Email –

Phone – 843-252-2999

Address – 528 Piedmont Avenue, Myrtle Beach 29577